Training Programs

Training Programs


As a Professional Retriever Trainer I have had the opportunity to train a number of retrievers that have not only demonstrated great hunting skills, but have been successful in competition as well.


AKC Master Hunters (46)

AKC Senior Hunters (53)

AKC Junior Hunters (50)

Qualified All-Age (9)

UKC Hunting Retriever Champions (9)

Super Retriever Series Event Winners (6)

Retrievers by State (20)

Over 800 Retrievers Trained in 14 Years as a Professional Trainer

Training Programs

Training Programs

Training Programs


There are three different Training Programs offered at KCR.  Each program consists of a time-frame of four months and each program builds upon the previous program.

The three programs are:




All four Programs Pricing is $700 a month which breakdowns in the following: 

Training $600

Purina Pro Plan dog food $50

Interceptor Plus $10

Nexgard $10

Ducks $30 

The Difference

Training Programs

The Difference


There are several factors that set us apart from the competition.  First, a set monthly training rate, there are no hidden or additional fees.

Second, constinency day in & day out in the care & training of your retriever.  Constant turnover in hired help and Asst. Trainers never happens at KCR.  All the training is performed by myself and my wife, Janelle, assists in the feeding & care.

Third, over the last 24 months my peers have recommended KCR 21 times on three different threads on the Retriever Training Forum (RTF).  These recommendations were on the following threads: Looking for a Retriever Trainer by Kansas City, Looking for Reputable Trainers in Northeast Missouri, and Looking for Trainer Recommendations in Kansas.