Buck Creek Alberta Clipper MH

FC-AFC Lane's Lets Get Ready to Rumble x Pekisko's Silent Witness MH QA2

Torri was on the National Derby List, 10 Points, and is a AKC Master Hunter (MH).  Torri is siblings to a AFC-CFC-CAFC, Canadian National Finalsits, and Master Hunters.  Torri has produced dogs that are on the Derby List, Qualified All Age, and Master Hunters out of 3 different breedings.

KCR'S Gunpowder-N-Lead MH

NFC-AFC Robber's Stray Bullet x Pekisko's Silent Witnnes MH QA2

Shooter has spent time as a guide dog and is an AKC Master Hunter (MH).  Shooter has littermates on the Derby List, QAA, and Master Hunters.  Shooter's record is impressive! She went 5/5 in the Seniors and is 14/15 in the Masters.  Her March litter with NAFC Croc are showing great promise.

Livin' At The Water's Edge SH

FC-AFC Landover's Right on Target x FC-AFC Machthree's Edge

Eve has 4 littermates that aquired 62 Derby Points & 3 of them became Qualified All Age. One brother currenlty has 13 All Age Points.  Eve has been a guide dog, lives in the house, and has 3 Master Passes.  We have trained 5 of Eve's puppies and they are great duck dogs and family companions.

Trinity's What Comes Around Goes Around

FC-AFC Lake Country's Mac Tiger x AFC Augusts's Makin Birdie Ain't EZ

Karma has a great water attitude and produces puppies with that same attitude.  We currently have 5 youngsters in training from last year's litter.  They look great and This Fall should be a lot of fun with them in the duckblind.

My-Emma's Sunny Day

 FC-AFC Close-Hauled to Windward x TNT Vermillion Struk It Rich MH

Sunny is a very sweet and loving girl. She does well in the duckblind or curled up on the couch.  Sunny comes from a very talented breeding.  Sunny has 4 siblings that are MH/QAA.  Sunny's next litter will be her last and we are looking forward to keeping a pup out of her.

KCR'S Coal-Fired-N-Cookin'

FC-AFC Watermarks PF Coal-Fired and Cookin x Alasta Chance QAA

Smokey has 3 littermates that amassed 28 Derby Points in 2018.  Smokey is currently in training for the Masters and will be campaigned in 2019.  Smokey is very affectionate and loves to please.  Her first litter will be after she obtains her Master Title.