All the dogs are kept in our new kennel building.  Your family member's comfort & safety along with your peace of mind is of the upmost importance to us!  The building is fully insulated, very well ventilated, climate controlled, and has a security system in place.  All the kennels are spacious 5 x 10 runs with custom built doghouses and a kuranda bed.

Considering 90% of the dogs that stay with us at KCR are housedogs, we take considerable pride in the cleanliness of our kennels & facility.  



We currently have 8 different ponds on 2 different properties that aid in the development of your retriever.  Every pond we have offers a different experience and serves a different purpose for your retriever.  Developing our grounds and facility is an ongoing and never ending process.

In addition to our ponds we have access to hundreds of acres of land within minutes of our property.  These grounds offer a number of challenges and factors that any level of retriever benefits from.  



At Kansas City Retrievers we have 2 custom built dogtrucks that your retriever will work out of daily.  Each retriever has their own individual spot and work out of similar to their kennel.  These trucks are built for the overall safety & comfort for these hard working athletes.

One of the boxes is built by Bush and the other box is constructed by Ainley.  Both of these manufacturers are nationaly known for constructing well ventilated, spacious, durable, and sturdy stainless steel boxes.