What We Offer


Spacious kennels, 50 sq. feet  that includes an individual doghouse and a kuranda bed to relax on.  Three exercise periods per day with plenty of room to play.


A brand new exercise area!  All play times are supervised by a professional with 14 years experience training and caring for your four legged family member.


Personalized care by Janelle and I.  We have taken care of over 800 dogs from 20 States the last 14 years. Quality care is controlled strictly through the two of us.


We have 30 acres designed specifically for the dogs benefit.  Fun Runs filled with play time on both land and in the water.  Completely fenced & supervised.  This additional service is just $5 a day.


Climate controlled for your family members comfort.  State Inspected & Licensed as well as security monitored for your pets safety.


Incredibly afforadable!!! Simply $20 a night.  You provide your pet's food and vaccination records and we will pamper them. Need a Bath? Only $15 to have your pet looking and smelling good.