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I have been training hunting retrievers professionally since 2003.  I have had the opportunity to work with over 800 retrievers since then.  The focus at KCR is to develop every retriever into a hunting companion that anyone would be proud to own,  have in the duckblind, upland field, or as a family member.  We are a fully insured, state inspected, full time, & year round training facility focused on our clients & their retrievers.

Litters/Trained Dogs


Our goal is to breed the best competitor, hunting companion, and family member you will ever own.  We accomplish this through the careful selection of the right two retrievers.  Marking ability, intelligence, trainability, accomplishments, and pedigree all factor into the process of selecting the right pairing of two retrievers.  My parents have been perfecting this practice since the late 1960's.  We also offer started/trained retrievers for sale.



There is no subsitute for having the essential kennel, land, and water neccesities at your fingertips.   Very few retriever training facilities in the Kansas City Area & the Midwest can compare with what we can provide our clientle and their retriever.  A climate controlled kennel building, spacious kennels, security system, numerous ponds, and hundreds of acres to train on all to help prepare your retriever for a successful season and many memories.

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Greg & Janelle Nelson

We love the opportunity to talk retrievers!  Please feel free to stop by & visit during normal business hours.

Kansas City Retrievers LLC

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